Curriculum Vitae

Research experience

Postdoc IMAU

Since 2017, I am a postdoc researcher at IMAU, Utrecht University in the INSeaPTION project, supervised by Roderik van de Wal. This project revolves around the co-design of sea-level research with stakeholders and policy makers. The goal of the project is to produce climate services on global and local (Maldives and French Polynesia) scale. For this project, I provide the latest regional sea-level rise projections and a quantification of extreme sea level events at the coast.

IPCC contribution

I was a Contributing Author to the latest Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). For both Chapter 4 and the Summary for Policy Makers, I performed the calculations and produced the visualisation of future sea-level change and its impact on extreme sea level events. In December 2019, I presented the conclusions on sea-level rise in this report at the Conference of the Parties (COP25) in Madrid.

Coastal erosion project

During 2018-2019, I managed the project Drivers and uncertainties in future coastal erosion. In this project, research assistant Niels Hendrikx assessed whether observed shoreline retreat could be attributed to changes in mean sea-level and/or storm surge events coincident with tidal peaks.


PhD work

I have completed my PhD during the period 2014-2017 at the University of Bergen, Norway with Tor Eldevik. My dissertation On freshwater and the density-driven circulation in the northern seas addresses the potential positive influence of northern freshwater input on the strength and stability of the ThermoHaline Circulation (THC). In this work, I have used various models ranging from a simple box-model to a state-of-the-art global ocean model (NorESM).


I followed the Master programme Meteorology, Physical Oceanography and Climate (today called Climate Physics) at IMAU, Utrecht University from 2013-2014. My Master thesis is published as The connection of the Indonesian Throughflow, South Indian Ocean Countercurrent and the Leeuwin Current and was supervised by Will P.M. de Ruijter and Dewi Le Bars. In this work, I combined simulations from an idealised numerical ocean model (HIM) with those from a high-resolution realistic model (POP) to propose a new circulation scheme connecting the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, driven by a combination of wind stress and buoyancy forcing.